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Finished up and heading to my son's



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The hickory I used has seasoned for a year or a little more. Son called and said they were just right, not completely falling off the bone, just a little tug and clean bite, real tender, had a real slight smoke taste. I did one rack kinda sweet, spicy and wet and the other a little more spice and dryer.  I smoked them 3 hours, wrapped for an hour, unwrapped and back on the smoker for another hour.  Ohhh   Baby Backs (you could probably tell)



Thanks for looking


Gary S

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They looked great! I can tell you wanted a bite, you can tell us, did an end fall off before you took them over there????

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Not your first Rodeo is it,  It did and was darn good if I do say so myself.

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Excellent looking Ribs, Gary!!!


Keep it up!!!




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Gary-nice write up and pics of the smoker mod and Brother-Those are some fine looking ribs. Making me want to fire up the smoker this weekend!
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The plate we added on top of the FB really helped, checked it today and it still looked like it had just been painted, so I'm thinking I want have to re-paint it all the time. Also I did not use nearly as much charcoal and wood, that top vent makes it a lot more efficient.  



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Originally Posted by gary s View Post

Not your first Rodeo is it,  It did and was darn good if I do say so myself.

Shame shame....guess we all do bit of that. LOL

Looking real good Gary!! Now you got to cook o bunch of stuff to learn how to work the new intake.

Tasty looking ribs!!

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Looks good Gary! So you ended up just adding the plate to the top? I wonder how much if any that upper vent is helping preserve the top as well, helping move the heat out instead of just collecting at the top of the box. Glad to hear (and see) she's running good!

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Great looking reverse smoker !!!


I like your idea of adding the bow and vent holes to the door, I was having a problem of air flow when I built mine so what I did was install a pipe and fan under the belly of the smoker wire to a variable speed switch to regulate the fan speed. I found this to word extremely well. I turn up the fan speed to get my smoker up to temp then back it off until I get my desired temp.

Since then I just built a automatic temperature sensor where I can set my internal desired temperature the fan will turn on and off as needed. It has a temperature probe that sits inside the smoker.


Your ribs look AWESOME as well !!!



SmokerTemperatureController.JPG 1,938k .JPG file

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