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First time smoking!

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Chickens just went down...


using the brinkmann ecb


followed several pieces of advice from here


full water pan, using apple wood chips (foil packet, and scattered along the rim on the unlit stubbs charcoal)


Brined for 4 hours in salt, water, beer and apple juice


coated with olive oil and seasoned with pepper


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Sounds like a good start make sure to keep us posted 

Oh and lots of pics 



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Mmmmm...... I smell happy smells raisin from the smoker!


Gonna be some smiles at your house today!


Chicken is still my favorite!

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Nice twins, them are gonna be tasty !
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Congratulations on your smoker! Can't wait to see the results!  It's exciting.  The first thing I ever smoked was a whole chicken like that as well.  (It was on a Mini WSM.)

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Here are the final results!


Somehow the skin smelled exactly like bacon (and tasted like it too)


The breast came out a touch dry, but it was delicious! Cant wait to try something new next weekend


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Delicious! Love the color of the skin!


About the dryness, what temp did you cook the breast to?  I stop at 160F.

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The meat thermometer hit 160, and I left it for another 30 min 


these were 4.5 lb chickens and I hit that temp after 2 1/2 hours


I should have pulled it then

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Have you ever butterflied / spatchcocked a chicken?  Where you cut out the backbone and lay it flat down on the grate skin side up.  You ought to try that as an alternative to whole if you haven't.  And also try without brining (a farm fresh chicken with no solution or injections from the store) -- the meat has a different appealing texture. Also try cooking it at 300-325.  And pull when breast is 160F. 


Well lots of different ways to cook chicken, just throwing out some ideas, if you didn't already know about em.

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