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Help with ribs

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I have some great ribs going 321 method however dinners has been pushed back so they will finish 2 hours early how shall I hold them.



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After the 2 hours of cooking while wrapped, just pull them from the smoker and let them rest.  Keep them wrapped tight until you're getting ready to serve.  Then, about 30 mins before you're ready to serve, unwrap them, glaze them and put them on the grill to caramelize the glaze.


They should keep their juiciness and not be overcooked.

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Thank You Thank You

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Sgtmonte has you in the right direction. The only thing I would add is to silghtly under cook them in the second stage. This way while they are holding they will cook a bit more. If you pull them where you normally will they can run a chance of over cooking.
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Thanks everyone they came great however jarjarchef you where right they where a little over done. Didn't see your post till it was too late.

but everyone enjoyed them.


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They sure do look great!
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They look good from what i see and i would not turn them away. As long as they were enjoyed by your guest and you is all that really matters. Keep on cookin.......
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