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Great to have ya Paul.  Nice folks at the site.  I am sure they can get ya sorted.


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I hope you can both make it

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Can we also see how many of us will be bringing fridges or other options for cooling. Some things will need to be kept cool. It looks as if there will be plenty of places to plug things in at the site - I know that the cabins how power at least.

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i have a 3 way camping fridge that works on gas, 12v, or 230v.and a large cool box , i also have tables and a couple of extra chairs and a couple of cheapo gazebo's plus i am bringing my uds, but with my misses plus our 2 dogs space in the car will be a bit tight 

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Filled out the form, basically garlic potato salad, ABTs, wings and a main yet to be decided plus dessert.

I'll probably have some fridge/freezer space and we have an oven in the van if that helps anyone.

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Hello folks.  Just to keep you informed.  Where to have the Pit Masters' Feast was presenting a problem as we need a place to set up 3-4 gazebos depending on the numbers we are looking at.  Problem solved!  I am on site 82 and site 83 was available so I booked it for Saturday night.  Gazebos can be put there and if we need an extra parking space or 2 we are covered.

I know space will be at a premium for most of you but we need a minimum of 4 3mx3m gazebos in case of rain.  At the moment I can count on 2.  If you can bring your gazebo please PM me.  Hopefully it will be beautiful weather and we will not need gazebos at all, just put some tables together and we are away.  One item I forgot on the Group PM is outdoor lighting.  Don't know how long we might be enjoying Saturday nite but some outdoor lighting might be useful if you have it.


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Hi All, We have had peoples ideas on what they are thinking of bringng along to the weekend.
I have collected them all together and put the menus up, so all can see them. This might help others to decide.

Hope this is OK with Danny?

Smokin Monkey
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Hello Smokin Monkey.  " Hope this is ok"??  He**; GREAT job my friend!!!!!!!  And GREAT idea.  Now you folks see why I pay him the BIG money!  BTW S.M.,  the check is in the mail.  :ROTF.


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Hi Danny, its no problem! It just shares the work load, and you do not need to keep record of it all.

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Thank you VERY much Steve.  Now others can also see what is being provided.  As you know the sides and the equipment are the most important link in the whole plan.  We must plan for bad weather and we need to ensure everyone doesn't bring the same sides. Thanks again.


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Danny, just reading through the forum, and seen your concern over lighting, I have it covered, LED spot lights, that can clip onto Gazebo frame that we use at our events. Have three of these.

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Hello.  Thanks Steve.  I am going to start a thread and repost your 2 links in case they were missed by some folks.  Keep Smokin!


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OOPS!!  I reposted the links in a separate thread to make them easier to find.  AFTERWARD I finally scrolled to the bottom of the links only to find they are copyrighted material.  I DO hope Smoking Monkey will not sue.  Actually my friend, I don't really own anything any self respecting person would want.  I no longer even have a large smoker so do your worse S.M.  Close your eyes and pull the trigger, I am ready my friend.  Put me out of my misery, you'd do it for a dog.  :ROTF


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Pull The Trigger :AR15firing:false
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Hi Danny, no problem, It's only copy right to stop people pinching images etc from our websites!

Smokin Monkey
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