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Originally Posted by Grangerman View Post

Maybe was him. The fellow carved me a wooden indian as a thank you for providing him the logs to carve during the event. Have it sitting on the front porch to welcome friends.:icon_smile:


The only other one I can think of is a stocky blonde haired guy---------Brian Ruth.  I ran into him at the Kutztown Fair a few years ago.  Nice Guy.

Brian does a lot of Indian carvings too.



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Welcome Grangerman, Sorry to hear your facility is Drug/Alcohol free, I like both but I can do with out'em if around good people and good food.

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Thanks SHTRDAVE. Yea, sorry about the NDOA :th_crybaby2:but like you said...good grub and fellowship is what it is all about anyway. Looking forward to learning from you smokin' pro's.

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I'm in pike county in the north east part of the state, I'd be willing to go....what kind of GTG would this be ??....everyone bringing there smokers and have a cook off ??....
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Well the guy who started this hasn't been back  th_dunno-1[1].gif  So we need to figure out who's willing to travel a little ways & where this will be held (if anyone is even interested)  As I said before I'm willing to go to the Johnstown area & State College area. I'd also be willing to go to the Harrisburg area or anywhere in that circle. I'll also volunteer to make some sausages to bring...


So what does anyone else think?

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It sounds like fun. When would be a good date for those interested?...JJ

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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

It sounds like fun. When would be a good date for those interested?...JJ


I'm pretty flexible - I can adjust my schedule to what suits other people.

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I have a farm and work full time.   


If you decide on a time and place I will try to make it.

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I'm guessing a weekend would probably work better for most people?

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Better for me.

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Ok anyone object to shooting for a weekend?

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This sounds pretty good, would be great to learn few things first hand or be able to share something I know.

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I've been back, but I've been waiting to see how many people responded.


I was going to offer to host at my place if the group was small or suggest a camp ground if the group got too large.


I'm in Mechanicsburg, PA (Just outside Harrisburg). GrangerMan has offered up his property which is an option. The camp ground I was thinking of is Little Round Top Campground in Gettysburg (destination location with sites to see for the spouses / kids). They offer Cabins, tent sites, and full hook up sites.


I was thinking a Saturday get together would probably be best unless we did the camp ground then it would be a weekend thing.

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I'm in northeast pa. Scranton/Wilkes Barre area.... But I'd travel...
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Keep in mind Gettysburg is a zoo around tourist season, but if you were to do it maybe you can fit it into Gettysburg BBQ festival, its called chili brew and BBQ, July 12th


I posted info into the kcbs section of these forums if at all interested

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I was hoping to get something going a little sooner than July if people are up for it... & yeah Gettysburg is a madhouse in the summer!  :eek:

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We've been camping down in Gettysburg for the past 3-4 years and we've never had a problem. But then again we always plan to be there when there is nothing big planned like no major battle anniversary, or events planned.

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I'm up for the get together

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Hey guys, please add your location to your profile. It helps us answer your questions...JJ

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Is this still in the works or was it given up on...


I'm still interested.

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