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Looking for info on a good pid controller

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Need to find a pid controller for my electric smoker but not sure witch one to go with? Been looking on the internet and there a lot of option leaning towards the Auber sly series but not sure which one? Any help or info would be great thanks.

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i built a controller for my lead casting pot. Build one or buy the one they have set up. Simple to build.

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i used this one for my fan on my smoker and it works awesome. you can find everything online to get it working. 

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Yes i used a mpin on my lead pot, i will use an auber if it fails or i build another. I just got a mes 30, if it doesn't control well i may just build apid for it. Are you using it to control the fan speed?

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no just to kick the fan on and off to regulate the temp.

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It really depends on what you want to do with the smoker as to which type of controller you will need... are you just wanting to cook regularly (one steady temp) ? Or are you making and smoking sausage and needing to ramp the temps up slowly over a period of time ?

For a steady temp.. this controller seems like it will do the trick...

For a ramp feature (I have this one)...

Both will need other accessories....

or you could just go with a plug and play unit...

Single probe...

Dual probe (one for chamber, one for meat)...

The dual probes are a little more pricey.. but ready to go

the others you will have to build... but will be considerably cheaper....
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Thanks for the info order two different ones the tet612 and the mypin ta4 if they don't im going to get the from auber thanks again.
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Stay away from the rex 100. I purchased one on ebay and when I received it you couldn't set  the parameters. waste on money and time.. Just my opinion..

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I have been running my smoker on the Mypin ta4 for a couple months now and I have no complaints.


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Do you know much about the BBQ Guru, DiqiQ with a Viper?  It is pretty great.  It even has a ramp mode. I had it on my electric Bradley and it was perfect.  Unfortunately,  I don't have the Bradley anymore.  PM me if you are interested    in mine.

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