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Brisket question

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Ok, I've done a few small 4ish pound 'corned beef' briskets. I just didn't use the flavoring that came with them, instead used Jeff's rub. All were great!
I decided to do a whole brisket. It sucked!
Same recipe & method.
The question..
All the smaller ones I've done have a let's say beef jerky(ish) smell, brighter red(ish) look and more of a chunky texture.(when done)
The whole brisket, smelled like a pain cut of meat, after it was done had a medium brown color and stringy texture.
I hope I'm explaining good enough. Lol.
Absolutely no similarities between them.
Are these different cuts of meat?
Or did I just totally mess it up?
I wish I had pics, but hope this is understandable.
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Did you cure it? Corned beef is cured?
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Cure 1 will help with the red color


I'm guessing you bought a small packaged corned beef and started with that.  Those pieces of meat have already been brined and cured.


How did you prep the whole brisket?

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Didn't cure anything.
Yes, I bought the packaged corned beef briskets.I had no idea they were cured.
That would make that dramatic of a difference? I thought it was just referring to the flavor pack that came with it. Haha.
The whole, I trimmed a little fat, not much. Rubbed in Jeff's rub, wrapped, fridged over night. Injected with beef broth. Smoked to 160, foiled, up to 203, rested almost 2 hours.
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The cure makes a big difference.

Whole briskets need to go to probe tender.

203 might have been overdone. Causing the stringy meat.
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Yea Jake


You basically smoked a brisket     Corned beef is different.   If you add a bit of pepper and smoke a corned beef you get a  Pastrami


There should be lots of recipes on the site to brine a corned beef.   This is one of the few times I actually use a curing brine.  Home made corned beef is worth the trouble so look around and give it a try

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