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A happy ending...some great briskit Qview!!!

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The recipes I've read here pretty consistently say to smoke between 225-250, if not higher...however, my Smokin' Tex very specifically says 190, and on their YuTube video they say 200. That's a big difference. Which is it?


Don't wanna ruin a beautiful 8 lb Prime packer!

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How long do you want to be smoking that piece of meat?  I think 190 is too low, others will say 225 is to low.  I vote for between 225  and 250.  Not sure why different smokers would be better served by different cooking temperatures.


You can always cook at the lower temp and when you get tired turn it up a bit.

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Why thank you!


And here's a little pre-Q view for y'all...she's a beauty:



Edit: Well darn, the photobucket link isn't working. One of those days I guess.

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Originally Posted by Light-It-Up View Post




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That'll be a tasty one, keep the Q view comin !! beercheer.gif
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Smoking away at 225 on some hickory, apple, and charcoal. I added a water pan this time- which I don't normally do, but just to be extra-safe.


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Ya plan on foiling or just gonna let er go without ?
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Not sure yet- gonna see how long she takes and if it needs a little help toward the end. Would prefer to go without though.

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Yeh, I hear ya.... I've never foiled til I pull it off for the rest & they've turned out good !
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IT up to 136 in 3 that normal?

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Can be I would say, just personally I've had an issue with a few briskets and I.T. Readings so I've started puttin the probe in the side if the brisket and buried it into the meat... Since I started doin that, my readings have been accurate and stable ! Hope this may help ya !! Also I use a Maverick ET-732 as it's a dual probe, ya can use one probe for I.T. Of the meat & the other for smoker temp. Very accurate therm, would buy another today if somethin happened to it....

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160 in 4, making me nervous. Backing off on the temp in case the thermometer is off.

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You will probably be hitting a stall pretty soon.  I just did a brisket yesterday and hit 160 IT in about 5 hours....took another 6 to get up to 203......

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LIU, what kinda therm ya got there ?? I see it on top of ur rig but not sure what ya have ?? Trying to think here with ya as don't want that brisket to get ruined !! That'd be a damn shame !!
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All briskets are different, just like any other meat but sounds like she's climbing a little fast, rather than a steady climb... Probably should check smoker temp & make sure it is where it says it is.... maybe off, I have a hard time trusting smoker temps sometimes.... Maybe need a probe just for smoker temp just in case ....
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Qview update...opened the smoker for the first time almost 5 hours in, up to 167 IT, and lookin' mighty fine!


Hardly any water has evaporated from the water bowl, kind of surprised.


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WHB- prob is a idea where I got it. Backed off on the temp a little, according to weight and time I should be plenty good. Heading out now, gonna pick up a new probe and double-check in an hour when I'm back.

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Alright, good deal !! Glad ya got er figured out....
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Well now this is interesting...went out and spent some money on a good Rosle thermometer, put it in the same area, same depth as the Amazon special, and look- a 14-degree difference in temp, with the good thermo showing the lower temp. That should put me right where I need to be, and it appears that I am in the stall stage. The meat is feels just as it should on the touch-pressure test, all good!


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