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Ok guys/gals I've been playing with the build calculator for the tanks I have, looks like the calculation came out alright [url=,40,0,0,0,0,7065.00,2355.00&fb=0,0,0,14,18,2770.80,2355.00,117.7&ch=3.25,138.54,16.71&fi=0,0,3.25,8.31,1.00&fc=5.31,7.51,22.17]Link to BBQ Pit Calculator[/url]. I have a 100# propane tank that I will be using for the CC and an air tank for the BC how about some critique here does it look?? ok. Also it talks about a grease bridge is it supposed to run down the center of the baffle plates or at the end of the baffle plates and where does it drain to. Should I put large valve in the bottom of the CC for clean out?

Thanx for any help