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Originally Posted by KandL View Post

Thanks Disco!  I am very proud of this one.  I had even mixed up some finishing sauce but liked it better without! I will definitely try to reproduce these results again.  :439:

I have to admit, I have left finishing sauce off my last couple of butts. However, I put some on the table for She Who Must Be Obeyed!

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Looks excellent. Fine job!

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From the photos, you smoked it in a pan?  I always thought you had to put it on the rack so the smoke could make better contact with the meat.  Does a Boston Butt stick to the smoker rack?  Do I need to oil the rack first?  Can someone comment on the pros and cons of smoking in a pan vs on the smoker rack?  Needing to know for tomorrow's smoke.  Also, if there is a definite fat side, do you smoke it fat side up, or as someone wrote, fat side down to avoid meat sticking to the grate?



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