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New Project

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Well I get to start on a new project. I dont have any skills when it comes to doing it. But I just got a nice little smoker to work on and learn some skills. You can see theres a smoke stack on the fire box that well come off and I'll put on a damper on the side. All those little ports on the bottom will be removed. I think new handles well be in order and a rolling cart for it. 




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So I look at the pit calc page and all of it looks good for the numbers I just have to clean it up and get her running.,0,60,0,0,0,13860.00,4620.00&fb=0,0,0,16,20,4021.12,4620.00,87.0&ch=4,201.06,16.01&fi=0,0,1.25,12.06,9.83&fc=6.40,9.05,32.17

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Starting off with loads of fun. I get the leg, and about half the extras cut off, chimney is next. I started some of the grinding and I can see why most people dont rebuild them.

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So I ran out of cutting wheels part way. I still need to remove those little things on the bottom of the tank and seal them up. But the FB is removed and I can go about fixing the wield and the crack that was there. Plus I get about 1/3 of the CC wire brushed . So far with about 6 hrs into it.




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Looks like a fun build!  There is a lot of information and people on here that can help you through most anything.

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So my mad welding skills need help but its coming.

I just cleaned up a spot where I filled a hole with the welder.


I put strips on those to help clean it up and get a good seal


As you can see skills need work but not to good.




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Well it has legs now. Now time to complete the firebox and remount it.

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Looking real good!  Your welds are fine, no worries there.  If you want to make them prettier just slow down and let a uniform puddle build.

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So fire box is attached and just one small hole to fill LOL



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So all but the handles and a paint job are done. Plus a neighbor give me the latch off a blackhawk chopper to seal it all up with.






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So the pit is running for the test burn. its maintains 225 with the intake 1/4 opened and the chimney at 1/4 open.  

I will let you know more after about 4 hrs of running. so at about 4 hrs running I used about 10lbs of kingsford at a temp of about 220. 

so would it be worth it to build a basket for it (Montana is a hard place to get real wood at) and would it make the temp raise any?

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Good job filling that "small" hole.  they can be tricky.


I don't run a basket in mine.  I've been thinking about trying it as a lot of people on here seem to really appreciate what they do.  Hopefully someone with a little experience with one will answer that.


I really like how you re-purposed this smoker!

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So the smoker is usable only wheels and the lower foot to paint but it has come a long ways from when it got dropped off. My test run was 220 for about 4 hrs with only about 1/2 bag of kingsford used. So all in all not a bad smoker for about 150 bucks.



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I think you have done a bang up job thus far. As a fellow Montanan from long ago it is tough to find most smoking type hard wood up there. You may be able to find the charcoal with hickory or mesquite. Other wise it's fruit trees or trees that make fruit or nuts to look for. Good luck.
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