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Decided to go ahead and check temps, both are around 178º at  8 1/2 hours in.



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Thanks for the heads up on the charcoal. I actually just got back from Sam's and bought a 2x20lb pack of Kingsford Blue. Didn't see any lump there. But I always mix Kingsford with lump at the beginning of a smoke. Lump I use is usually Royal Oak from Home Depot. Glad I saw this post so that I know to avoid this lump since I have been shopping at Sam's more frequently lately.

Those butts look good! Post some pictures of the pulled goodness!

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I forget about Home Depot, since it's on the other side of town, I'll have to go check and see if they have the Royal Oak lump, Still undecided on the "Best of the West" one thing it doesn't look like a lot of ash?  Mostly big chunks in my bag, (wish I would have taken some pictures, 9.5 hours so far it may make it, Forgot about my sausage and boudin got it on about an hour late, oh well I can always pull the butts , let them rest while I'm finishing up the sausage and boudin.



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I know Home depot here carries R O lump

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Originally Posted by gary s View Post

Hey Disco, how is your weather?



The last few days have been warm and sunny. It is getting up to 10 C (50 F). We only have 8 inches of snow left in our yard. Spring is coming! Perfect smoking weather.



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Thanks I'll check this one out.



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Good looking Butts , Gary  Thumbs Up:drool


I'll be out in a few days and do me a Butt , some Dino Ribs , 3 Briskys and some  . veggies and whatever for the Son's Wife and so0me Eggs for a nice salad . Tune in when I get started :popcorn.


I  Iove the Mahogany color you got on the Butts.


Have fun and . . .

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Sorry I didn't get pictures of both shoulders and the other half of the sausage and boudin. About as fast as I pulled it 1/2 went to #2 son's house


About 12 1/2 hours on the smoker, resting quietly for a little while. You can probably tell someone has been sampling the sausage and boudin, Boudin is about sampled out !!!!      Thank everyone for looking .


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Looks good
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You have made a meal that will make people happy! Also known as a success!



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Thanks Disco, If everyone enjoys it half as much as I did smoking it, a double success, thank again. I love BBQ, but I really enjoy spending the time to do it right and give most of it away.



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Very nice Gary, man is that makin me hungry drool.gif. beercheer.gif Wow, wish I could reach thru the screen and grab a chunk of that, dang ! Enjoy !!
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I turned out great, after it rested a while, we uncovered it, my wife reached down and pulled the bone out clean, way to full now.




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I decided to cook to pork loin tommrrow keep an eye out for my post
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Hey Gary S. Looking mighty good. What kinda Boudan yall getting around there? Thought i liked Holmes Smokehouse from Kroger for a while..but think then the nutty folks must have changed up their recipe. It now has a firm texture and taste sorta like low quality Andouilla. I figger some yankee bought the place and started jacking with the recipes or something. The competiton aint no better. I tried making it myself a time or two..but way too much work and didnt taste as good as the storebought stuff..so I gave plumb up. I have convinced myself it aint nothing but dirty rice in a gut. Now I make the best dirty rice in town..lol.

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Looking good Gary
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bigwheel,  only two stores we have around here is Brookshire;s and Wally World, Brookshire's is about 4 minuets from the house, they only carry a couple of brands, I bought H&H  it was good had a little kick to it and looked fresh. I use to to have a guy that worked for me, who's grandmother lived in Sulpher, LA he would bring back boudin from some place around there Best Boudin I ever Had



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Looks Great Gary!!! :drool




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FYI, if anyone has an Amazon Prime subscription, you can order Lump from Amazon with Free delivery, they have lots of different brands to chose from. I'm new to smoking so I don't know how good any of them are but I thought I would share.
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Thanks BK, I use Amazon, dropped my Prime , but might start it again

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