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First Wieners

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After seeing all of the recent wiener posts I had to finally break down and try it.  Not a bad result for my rookie run.  I'm going to try some different recipes for future runs and hopefully be as happy as I was with this one.


I went with a 50/50 mix of beef sirloin and pork butt.



Four grinds; two medium plate and two fine plate and then emulsified in the food processor. 



Spices mixed in, fridge overnight, stuffed and linked.  (sorry no pictures, the camera relocated itself to another part of the household).  Went with collagen casings for availability and fiscal reasons.


Into the smoker.  Ran between 150-200 for about an hour for internal temp of 148.



Into a hot water bath that was supposed to be 160.  I got distracted and the temp went up.  

Internal temp was at 180 when I caught it.



A quick cold water bath.  The cold water loosened the collagen at the ends of the links which enabled me to peel the entire casing off.



The money shot :icon_biggrin:.  I went with leaner cuts so the finished product was a little dry but not too bad.  The flavor received the seal of approval from the entire family.



The only way to fly.  Rhode Island style NY System hot wiener.  A little slice of heaven.


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The only way to fly.  Rhode Island style NY System hot wiener.  A little slice of heaven.



Looks great man! You won't wanna go back to store bought dogs after this  :beercheer:

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Wieners look spot on... Nice job.........Thumbs Up        I want to make some more but the freezer is full of them

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Them look great - and look very yummmmy :drool

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Terrific looking wieners and thanks for the great qview!



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Thanks everyone.  It was my intent to package some for later use but my family had other ideas.  Not a single link survived to see sunrise.  I guess that tells me all that I needed to know.

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Hi Dogs/Wieners look really great.What spices did you use for the Wieners /dogs?

Dogs are on to do list.

Thanks Dan

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The only way to fly.  Rhode Island style NY System hot wiener.  A little slice of heaven.



Been a few years since I had an Olneyville NY system Hot wiener!

Going to RI in the fall and that is definitely one of the stops.


However, as good as those look, I may have to try making my own now.

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Nice Job Dale!!Thumbs Up


Those had to be Awesome!!!:drool




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I went with this recipe:  http://www.meatsandsausages.com/sausage-recipes/wiener 

The finished product was very good but the mace was a little too prevalent.  The next time I make these I'm going to reduce the mace a little bit.




I went back last summer and yes choked down a few gaggers.  I would love to replicate the actual wiener that they use in hot wieners but from what I understand they have been deemed unfit for human consumption in the other 49 states, Canada, and the known universe :icon_biggrin: .  I've got a decent recipe for wiener sauce and pizza strips.  If you ever get homesick give me a shout.

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Nice wieners Dale!


I made a batch called "Dakota's Best Wieners". I found the recipe on Google while searching for new recipes.

I liked them a lot.

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Thanks Sam. I'm definitely going to give that recipe a try one of these days.
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