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First Time Ribs - Smoke Holow Electric Smoker

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Well, I just used my smoker for the first time. Thry turned out pretty good, but a couple of lessons learned.


1) No more cheap ribs. I used hormel baby back ribs just tto try the smoker. Lesson to the butcher shop next time


2) Make sure to run the smoker long enough to get the wood chips going well before turning heat down and loading upi the smoker....The wood chips had stopped smoking.


After reading all the posts here, I came up with a variation of my own.


First I brined the ribs for about 4 hours. Brine included water, Jack Daniels and some smoked course salt.


After brining, I made a slurry of apple sauce and Maple syrup. I lightly rubbed this onto the ribs


Next I coated the ribs in a dry rub and into the smoker they went.


Half hour before done, I gave them a light coating with a Kansas City sauce.


Aside from the poor quality of the meat, the taste was awesome. My son and wife loved them.


Can't wiat to try somethinng else.


Thanks to everyone here for all the helpful posts.



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Sounds great Ken!  Glad to hear they turned out good, and you learned a little for the next time.  Just remember...we love qview (pics of your food, your cook, your gear, etc.). 


P.S. I love your avatar!  Red Green rules!



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I have the same Smoker as you cdnsmoke,  I made a few mods to mine and it works great.  I love the thing 


I'll attach a link w/ pic's of the mods I made to mine ...

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Glad to hear that you turned out some decent ribs on your first run, and most importantly, are learning.


My first batch of ribs a few years ago SUCKED.  And I have been getting better ever since - but still not perfect.  Learning will be a long process.


One thing I recently have been learning is to avoid over-coating with the rub - you want to be able to taste the smoke and meat, not just a bunch of spices.  At least for my taste, I'm trying to find the point where the rub and any sauce simply compliment the meat.


Post some pictures next time!

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Hey Red,


Thanks. Red Green is my hero. I actually met him back when I lived in Ontario. If ya can't fix it with duct tape, it probable ain't worth fixing.


I do think I need to add a couple of mods to the smoker. It needs better air flow and I'm going to get a smoke generator.


Other than that, I think I'm going to like it.


My next adventure will be a pork loin roast or some fish.


Have a good one.




Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati (When all else dead) :)

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Here are some pics.


Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

My First Batch of ribs

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