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stuffed chicken

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For supper   i made two type of chicken .
one is a Moroccan flavors stuffed chicken with dates,nuts,rice, minced meat .cumin paprika and baharat .
the second one with lemon ,thyme, and green garlic .
for a Snacks i made  chicken wings tossed  in a hot and spicy bbq sauce .

the chicken  first at 190f for 3 hours then added  the wings and turned up the heat to 230f for 1.5 hour
then I turned up the temperature to 500 for 30 minutes .just to crisp the skin.





















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Great looking chicken man!  :drool  Yumm!  thumb1.gif 

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Great looking chicken with some original treatment. Great!



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Thanks guys  for the good words 

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That looks great. If you make it to the gathering you can make it there biggrin.gif
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