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'nother Idea Bad or ????

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I have been thinking since I mention using  a electric fry pan in my charcoal smoker.  (Always a bad idea for me - a few Accidents)

I was wondering what about using a toaster oven or two.

The units have 1000 to 1500 Watt output.  (I have two units.)

These two I have,  compared to having to buy two $36.00 900 Watt unit hot plates. (ie.$72.00).

I would put them in my charcoal smoker and cut down on my mothering time with the heat control.


Do you believe this would work or am I daydreaming again?





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Brinkman sells replacement elements for their smokers. I'd go that route with a PID controller.
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Dittos to what Dirt Sailor had to say. The stock brinkmann heating elements are the only way to fly. You can buy a little chicom controller which works fine on ebay. Paid 15 bucks for the one I have. Dont use it often since if you turn it down too low it won't fire off the chips..but I got it by golly. You can also use it to make it get hotter than it normally would too. Keep us posted. Here is the pic of the controller I use when I use one. I posted it on another thread but not sure yall seen it.


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