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Smoked trout spread

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Thanks to all the folks here for all the great information. I smoked some trout this past week and was looking for something to make with "the little bits" that you collect when you're taking the fish off the bones. By way of saying "thanks" for all the good info, I thought I'd post what I came up with. I was looking to make a spread similar to the Smoked Salmon Spread that Whole Foods sells. This was pretty close. I took it and some Ritz crackers down to the Elks Club and the reviews were very good. :) 


·      2 tbsp. Mayonnaise

·      2 tbsp. Non-fat Greek Yogurt

·      1 tbsp. Dijon Mustard

·      1 green onion

·      1 small stalk of celery

·      10 oz. smoked trout cut into ½ inch pieces or the little bits left over after you debone the fish


-       Cut the green onion into slices as thin as you can

-       Cut the celery into a very fine dice

-       Mix the mustard, mayonnaise, yogurt together

-       Mix the green onion well with the mustard/mayo/yogurt mixture

-       Mix the celery well with the mustard/mayo/yogurt mixture

-       Mix half the trout into the mixture and mix well to break it up and incorporate it well into the mixture

-       Mix the remainder of the trout and try not to break that up too much. You want small pieces but not total mush

-       Refrigerate

-       Great on a bagel as a substitute for smoked white fish spread, or put it on crackers like you would the Whole Foods smoked salmon spread. 

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Yet another recipe saved for the future!  Thanks for posting!


I plan on having plenty of trout in the near future as we plan on moving back to CO sometime this year, the earlier the better.

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Thanks for sharing!!! Going to have to give this a try...


Thanks Again.

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