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first tri tip

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Used some brine concentrate from cabelas along with some bourban mountain man rub
I thoufht the name was unique so i got it.

It weighed in at 2.09lbs. I starts at 745am and reached 140 at 11am. I cooked from 190 to 240. Was really windy and sleeting out.

Turned out well. I pulled and let it sit in foil for about an hour. We cut into it it was a little on the red side we we stuck it in the oven for a quickie At 300. Turned out greeeeat!
Apple cherry and charcoal for flavor
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Meat looks really good!  Nice job Thumbs Up

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Nice job icon14.gif. TT's are an awesome cut and smoke up real good.
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Thanks we were happy with it. It wasnt super tender but very good. Tenderness tips are welcome....

I kept the water pan filled thru the smoke and poured some juices it marinaded in over it about every hour.....
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I've done two tri tips now, and both times my method was this:

Smoke indirect at about 250 degrees until the IT of the tri tip is 120 degrees. A heavier wood is good with TT since it isn't on the smoker very long.
Sear on a direct grill at very high heat for 1-2 minutes per side, taking the TT to about 130ish degrees.
Wrap it in foil and let it rest for 15-30 minutes, which will take it to a perfect medium rare.

That'll turn out tender....

Also quality of meat plays a big factor. A cut that is choice grade or above with good marbling will help a lot.
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With tri tip it is very important to cut against the grain for tenderness. The grain does not run the same way through the whole piece of meat.  Here is a good illustration of the grain direction.


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looks great .

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