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ChefsChoice Best Slicer!

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This is the ChefsChoice 667 slicer.


Source Code #64 flyer


Great slicer!  Great price!  But, my wife will not skip a lousy month's supply of food for it - sheesh!  " src="" />

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Thanks for the professional input Pops. How is the clean up on this bad boy?



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Excellent question!


But it will be about the same with most slicers.


Way back when I was working in restaurants to get my way through high school and college?


They taught us that the slicers and grinders were top danger pieces of equipment.  Not for our injuries, but for poisoning our customers.


We were trained to clean slicers and grinders diligently, and that was never left to the dishwashers at the dishwashing station.


Good luck and good smoking.

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