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need help

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i am a first timer, on this cite. 

i have a pizza shop and just got my first smoker , dh-65 southern pride . i would like some help with smoking wings, then flash frying them to order.

i have smoked my first batch of wings , and they came out sloppy. then when i fried them they did NOT get crispy.

can some one help me PLEASE.

i smoked at 250 deg. -2 1/2 hours, with steam on.

i have already wired it up so i can kill steam. found the info on this cite. THANKS!!!

also need a good broad  excepted rub for wings. somthing everyone would love.

i don't want to inject , do to time . we sell a lot of wings . and would take way to much time to inject cases  of wings.

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i just marinate mine in hot sauce over night...perfect everytime

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Hey Mike,

Our fearless leader of the site has a news letter that I highly recommend. One of his recipes is for smoked/fried wings........ .......

I have made this many times with outstanding reviews. I also use his rub recipe.

In "my" smoker, I do not use steam and run the temp a bit closer to 275* but everything else is about the same.

Give 'em a try.....



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