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duck breast Asian flavours

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Girlfriend had some duck breasts in the freezer so I thought I would marinate them then smoke them.

Short turn around so I Made a marinade of white wine,orange juice & zest,ginger,garlic,sichuan pepper ,brown sugar,cloves ,cinnamon soy sauce. Will sit for 4 hours.Smoke in the MES for 2 hours. Sear skin at the end.

GF  let slip childhood memory of her Croatian mothers lightly pickled cucumbers,so I will do radish,cucumber,onion lightly pickled as a side.


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Smoked them for 90 minutes at 110c,then reduced the marinade in a pan,added a tab orange marmalade. It was home made but I can't remember where I got it.

I did a lightly pickled veg mix,went very well with the fattiness  of the duck.



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Hey that looks lovely!!!


The flavors must be terrific!!!


Just beautiful!


Cheers! - Leah

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Your smoked marinated duck breast looks great, Mick.  I really like the sound of the marinade ingredients, sounds zesty and delicious, a good complement for the richness of the duck.


What did the inside look like...nicely medium rare I hope?  


Thanks for sharing, and have a great weekend!

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Creative marinade that sounds great! Well done.



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Looks great Mick!
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Girlfriend said it was the best thing I have cooked her so far! Just on medium,dash of vinegar in the  finishing sauce to cut the sweetness in the marmalade.

Its sort of a duck l'orange  but Asian.:biggrin:

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