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Bacon Brine Problem

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I am curing bacon using Pops cure. I made one gallon of cure and placed a half gallon of the cure in two Foodsaver bags with a slab of pork weighing about 6 pounds each, and sealed the bags. All was well for 8 days with no leaks.  However, I decided to leave for a while and while I was gone one of the bags developed a leak.  The pork belly in the leaky bag is still surrounded by brine, and I estimate about 50 -70 percent leaked.


I am leaning towards re-brining the one slab, but my question to the forum experts is:  should I re-brine this slab or smoke as is?



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You can add the brine from both bags together and put the 2 bellies in one bag if you want... then finish the brine time...
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