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Help Identify my smoker

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New here but not new to cooking. I am new to a side box smoker/grill however. I have tried to cook briskets and have had less than desirable results in my electric smoker and was told by a Texan who does killer briskets that I need a side box so I went in search of one on Craigslist. I looked at the newer Brinkman at the box stores and all are thin metal and have bad reviews. I found a smoker in very good condition no rust or burn out made out of heavy steel for $40.00 so if I need to make some mods Im not in the hole too much. Pretty sure its a early Brinkman. This thing is heavy and seems to seal well .I have not used it yet. What do I have and is this a rat hole?Here are some pics.

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Barnabus, it sounds like you have the old style Brinkmann Smokin Pit. Once you get it cleaned up you'll have a great $40 investment.

Some mods to make to it would be to use dryer vent pipe and extended the exhaust stack down to grate level and run some tuning plates under the cooking grate to balance the temp from one side to the other. Check out this link on Horizonal Offset Smoker Mods
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looks a lot like the silver smoker except for the shelf on the firebox door. I agree also on the mods.  My only issue with my silver smoker is airflow do the NM winds.  Airflow can be inconsistent. thought about adding a fan until I build a brick smokehouse.

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Yep that looks like either an Oklahoma Joe or Brinkmann Pittmaster either way for $40 you got a solid smoker and a great deal IMO. In looking at the picture again there's no wheel axle just stubs off of the legs so makes me think its a Brinkmann. You got a deal wish I could find one for that price enjoy its a great smoker.
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Could also be a New Braunfels

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