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Yesterday's Smoke Session

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I heard you liked photos, so I thought I would show you some from yesterday's session and tell you what I made.  You can see the Smokehouse and then what was inside it.  Then some beef jerky after it came out.  And then some other finished products.  I made: a Sirloin Tip Roast, a Bottom Round Roast, Boneless Chicken Breasts, some Turkey Wings, a pack of hot dogs, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, Hot & Sweet Banana Peppers, Beef Jerky from London Broil, Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds and a bag of Pretzels.  So, who wants to come to dinner?  I have plenty!  I could also tell you that in Central Pennsylvania yesterday it was 25 degrees, a ten mile an hour wind and some snow squalls.  I used mostly Cherry and a couple pieces of White Oak.  I was able to get the temperature up to 200 degrees inside the smokehouse.  But every time I opened the door it dropped 40 degrees.  I finished the beef and the poultry off in the oven.   It is a problem trying to make jerky where you want a low slow heat and at the same time doing beef and poultry where you want a high heat.  But it all worked out and I think that is all I have to say for now...



Happy Smokin' ,











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Wow! busy day.

love the look of your smoke house, I need to build one some day.

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p.s the food looks good too!

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HOLY MOLEY!  That smoke house is awesome!

What else to do in Lycoming but smoke?

Those roasts need a money shot - the SLICE!

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Nice smoke shack! Great looking food too!
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Wow! great job.

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Ya know its a damn shame! You smoked all that and your smoker ain't even close to full! I am most definitely impressed.


Great looking smoke.

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Wow, everything looks delicious!  That's a very nice smokehouse too!


Nice going...  Thumbs Up



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