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Yeah ive seen guys do that sometimes if ive had just one corner flip up ill do that. But if its all the way across best way is with a jack. Yes there is a good chance the 1/8" coulda pulled that 3/16" on the corners. Between that and the heat from welding the strap on there.
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It's not all the way across, only on the 4 corners. Look at it like a dollar bill with "dog ear corners" except these aren't folded just not the correct radius.
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Got a little more done on the cooker this last week. Got the lid back to the correct radius, it now fits like a glove. All I need to do now is built the plenum, attach the hinges and firebox door latch and paint!!
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Finally got most everything in place.. Got everything painted the other day, 2+ coats. Came back today and wet sanded and applied 2 more coats. I'm pleased with how it turned out. The tank had a few dents and dings that I didn't notice until it got paint. But its a smoker and not an antique car so I let them slide. Ready for this thing to be finished, get paid and clean up this mess in my garage!! Here are a few pics with everything except the stainless steel stuff attached. I wanted to wait until after paint before installing it.

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Nice looking smoker so far.    Looks about perfect for a patio/deck.  Can't wait to see the finished product.

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Thanks! I figured it would cook between 10-12 butts without screwing up the air flow. Like u said perfect for the patio! Just tacked in the stainless exhaust. The contrast gives it a completely new look! Can't wait to get the rest of the stainless polished and installed!!

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Got the stainless sliding dampers installed. Pleased with how they turned out.

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Looks really nice..... 2thumbs.gif
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Like that stainless on black!


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Damn thats a nice smoker! Have you already smoked with it ? More pics!

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Thanks guys! No I haven't fired it up yet, hope to tomorrow just as a trial run before my buddy takes it home Monday morning. Weather has been nasty yesterday and today so it makes it hard to take pics. I will take some tomorrow though I promise.
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How many hours work did it take ?

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Hard to say.. I didn't really keep track of how long it took. Plus with it being my first build there was many hours of head scratching instead of working!! The dampers seemed to be the single most time consuming item tho.
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Ok as promised here are the final pics! Thanks for everyone that contributed in helping me get it built!!

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Great job !!! looks real nice, I know you are proud.


Gary S

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Looking real good! Now fire it up, get it dirty and make some Q!!

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I love the contrast of the stainless and black, silver britches touch!

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Fired it up for a test run. TBS coming from the stack!! Mapping the temps around the cook chamber, it's only a 3-4 degree temp swing from one end to other. I'm pleased with that I guess. Thankfully I listened to Dave and installed the baffle plate! That's still my hot spot but not really enough difference to worry about. It's been holding 250 on the nose for over an hour and a half. So all in all, I'm pleased with everything!! No Q view off this one guys.. It's already sold and I hate to get it all greasy!!
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.......... SOLD ?????? .....
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Sold!!! yahoo.gif pick up tomorrow morning!! Dave while I have ur attention, I'm noticing that the whole top shelf is running a good bit hotter than the lower shelf. Like 30+ degrees difference.. Any suggestions?
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