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First attempt at pulled beef.....

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Was a fail even though it turned out delicious. I'm a little disappointed and I only have myself to blame. After foiling I inserted the probe through the foil, blindly, and wasn't 100% sure where it was in the meat. Anyway, after it alledegly reached 200 degrees I pulled it, placed it in a cooler and let it rest for an hour. When it went to pull it, I couldn't get the meat to budge. I ended up slicing it and calling it roast beef and made some sammiches. Check out the pics below and feel free to pass along any tips!

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Looks tasty anyways!!! Looks like a 7 bone? I know we all say cook to IT of, but for roasts like that I really cook by time with the smoker at a certain temp when foiling. Chuckies and 7 bone roasts are one of those cuts.
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Well, if you don't want it, send it here. I'll be glad to take care of it for you. It looks tasty.



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Nice job icon14.gif
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Thanks! I wasn't disappointed with the taste, it tasted amazing but I wanted to be able to pull it.
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I had the same problem. I just finished it in the oven with some apple juice for 3 more hours. Was able to pull it then

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doin one right now and its been stalled at 156 for a hour and half or so

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Look's like a real nice sandwich you ended up with and enjoyed!! Love a good beef roast.  Reinhard

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Looks great still! Nice smoke ring!

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No Biggy!!!  Lesson learned for pulling Beef. As long as it tasted Great, you won!!!


Lots of people pull it early, like 185*---190*, so they can slice it without it falling apart !!!


Pull the next one!!




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