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My first large group cook - Page 2

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Heck I would not have a clue what to charge for catering.
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Great looking food.... I like the fact you pulled it at 187........ A little bit more work in pulling, but worth it in the end.

When reheating you want to get it over 165 IT as quick as possible. You want it to be done in under 2hrs. The only reason I mention it is it looks like full deep pans.

The issue with cooking the beans under the chicken is the final cook temp of the beans. If you do not get them over 165 you run the same chance as what happened in the family reasturant chain..... If done properly it will work, however I would not recommend it being done.... Good call on moving them.
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Beans are going on RF Plate not under any cooking meat.
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Heck I would not have a clue what to charge for catering.

Well you have over 20 hours in this, and have yet to serve the meal.

Looks good, brave move!

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So How did it go?  I bet you learned alot.

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looks great man they will love it PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Man I was to busy to get any pictures but everything worked out prefect. Pork did not dry out, chickens were good, and received lots of good reviews. My wife diced up 10 lbs of potatoes and they were the only thing I did not get done on time.
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great job like i said earlier....sides can always come before the meats ready if its slower than expected OR after if the meats faster than expected...pretty flexible IMO

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