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PID controller

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General question regarding PID Controller. I want to connect a leave in Meat Probe to a PID. This is the question, as far as I can make out its a single wire probe, but if I check the resistance between the wire and the outer wire braid, it reads 139 k ohms.

any idea how to configure this PID to work on this type of probe, or any recommendations of a suitable probe to use.

Thanks Smokin Monkey
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Hi Smokin Monkey,

I'm no process engineer, but have some experience in PID. I'm assuming you are trying to use a probe from some other device? From the specs on the web page it doesn't look like it would be easy, if it could be done at all. There is a setting for detecting 0-400ohms, that might be a possibility, but with out knowing the ranges of your probe (ie 0C=0 ohm to 200C=400 ohms for example) you'll be flying blind. I think trying to find a food grade type K thermocouple or RTD would be a simpler option.

Just my thoughts anyway hth.

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Hi Dingo, thanks for the input.

I agree with you, wasting time trying to find answer to this problem.

I have ordered a K Type oven probe, that should wire straight onto the controller, then I can start Smoking!!!

Thanks Smo Monkey
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