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fire box size.

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I need help big time. i have exhausted my budget for my 250 gallon build and need materials for my fire box , i have 10 pieces of 18x20 1/4 in steel plates laying around, whats the best way to make the fire box using these without having to do too much cutting and joining?

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Hello Sly.  A little more info would help.  Also include pictures and drawings including dimensions.  By conventional I assume you mean not reverse flow.  What will be your heat source, propane or charcoal?  There is a pit calculator that a few members are a whizz at using.  I have never used it but by bumping your post it should come to their attention.  The questions I asked are relevant for their answeres.  If you get no reply please PM me and I will ask them to have a look at your thread.  Good luck.


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Thanks Danny, yess what i meant was an offset smoker. i will be using charcoal ( no propane short cuts for me ) lol.

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Hello Sly.  Pictures, measurements, drawings and thoughts of what you are wanting to build.  These things help with answers given.


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What are the dimensions for that 250gl tank?
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This info is from a plate on the tank


Length - 94 inches

water capacity - 250 gal

outside diameter - 30 inches

shell thickness - .199 inches

surface area - 61.5 square feet



i am planning to do two doors and four racks , no counter weights (yet !!!! ) . Hoping to get enough steel plate to do reverse flow if not offset it is . just found some 6 inch and 4 inch dia steel pipe for chimney ( which should i use ?)

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Roughly a 30x30x28 firebox size is what i would to aim for. That will put you at about 114%. I always like to run my FB's a little bigger then the calculator calls for.
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Sly, evening..... 250 gallon is pretty big for charcoal... FB... 30 x 30 x 24 is about the smallest FB you want to use...
FB/CC opening.... 231 sq. in. for a RF smoker OR a SFB with tuning plates...
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Thanks Dave for mentioning that about the charcoal. i forgot to add in my post that with a cooker of this size you will want to burn logs/wood. No way youd be able to do it on charcoal alone i fear. At least it wouldnt be feasable.
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right, now i have a problem for sure , gotta find steel for that size box. sorry about the charcoal , in the caribbean we charr the wood until it resembles charcoal, but it is still wood . i will post a pic so you can see what i am talking about , so i will be burning wood actually we just call it coals down here.

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Oh ok i gotcha, yea thatll work.
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Well, 18 x 20, and you got ten? Then go 36" tall 36" wide, and 20 deep, all you can do. Then you still have to find a piece for the door, 36 x 36. The two you have left should be enough for the back, considering you will have the tank opening at the top rear.
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i was thinking about 36x36 but i was wondering if the fire box would be too big for the cook chamber and also this height of the box now makes the smoker a little too tall to access from the ground as it will be trailer mounted. im only 5.8 tall

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