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how big of a hole do I need to drill to make blind welds

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Depends on what you are welding with and thickness of the material...
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it is 1/8"x 1/4"x1.5"

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I drilled 1/4" holes in my 1/8" flanges for the blind welds. This worked out great. Any larger and you have too much void to fill. Any smaller and I didn't feel like I grabbed enough metal to make the weld stick...

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I think your asking if a 1/4" hole in 1/8" flat stock that is 1.5" wide, yes if you use a hot welder. Use rod with little flux like 6010 or 6011. If your using a wire feed turn it higher than you normally would to weld 1/8'. You will find the hole fills quickly.

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