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New smoker build

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Hello from balmy -15 below zero South Dakota

I started my new smoker build this weekend, thanks to all of your plans and advise. Dimensions are 3x3x6 and will use 3/4" plywood on the exterior and interior walls. I have a few questions--I was planning on using 1 1/2" insulation board, will this be food safe and what kind of calking do you use to seal of the interior--I have had trouble finding a high temp/food approved calking. I will heat the smoker with the Northern Tool burner and smoke generated with the AMNPS. I will post some pictures soon---Thanks

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BT, welcome.... Consider un-faced fiberglass insulation.... It has a much higher temp rating than foam, if that is the type of insulation board you are using....

popcorn.gif ..... I'm in.....
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Dave, Thanks for the advice--I kind of thought that maybe the case, any suggestions on the high temp/food grade calking

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Any high temp silicone will work.... check the max temp on the tube... After curing and the first couple heats, there is no problem with the silicone.....

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getting close to completion, but need to find a longer probe thermometer, any suggestions. I have put ceramic tiles on the floor, would that be good enough or do I need to cover walls of the fire box also.  Thanks in advance. Have pictures just need to figure out how to post them

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Place the burner on a non flammable surface and elevate it above the ceramic tile with an air gap.... wooden floors have been known to burn from heat transfer from the burner even with a non flammable material sitting directly on them... the material will transfer heat.....
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Dave, would  2 or 3" bricks work built in a square with the center open for an air gab

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You have probly already insulated, but I thought Id throw my two cents in. Id use a spun mineral wool insulation such as roxul. I found a cheaper version and my local menards. Any spun mineral wool will work. Im currenly building a fridge smoker out of a 1950 International Harvester Fridge. Find it and check it our. Let me know what you think. Oh, and please post some pics of your smoker.

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Originally Posted by backtroller View Post

Dave, would  2 or 3" bricks work built in a square with the center open for an air gab

The burner or element or whatever heat source needs to be on a non flammable surface like a piece of steel or a ceramic tile or cement board..... and that surface needs to be elevated above the tile you have installed on the wood floor of the smoker... 1-2" air gap is all that is needed..... Folks have placed a heat source on cement board, as an example, and after several hours, the plywood floor was smoldering and burnt through from the continuous heat that was transmitted.... Somewhere on here is a picture of a smokehouse a member built and that picture is enlightening....

If someone knows the picture, if you would post it here, that would be awesome..... Dave
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Dave, I got it now---thanks again for the info, wouldn't want to burn down the new smoke house (money pit) going to be nervous enough with the first couple of burns

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OK, got a couple of pictures of the new build today. I fired it up for an hour at lunch time today and got it up to 150 and threw some smoke to it,  just checking things out before I paint exterior, tin the roof , hang the outside self and build door gaskets.




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looks good. I built one real similar in size but am using electric heat. Not sure yet if my 1500watt element is going to cut the mustard.Takes one hour to reach 158 degrees. I don't know what it will do when it is loaded with cold meat.

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Looks great. I built one but it shore don't look that nice.
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A buddy had the same issue. He added a second heating element at the top of the unit. After that he never had an issue reaching temps.
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Thanks for the comments. With the Northern Burner I can get it up to 160 in about 15 minutes on med setting. Going to try and move it out of garage tonight--going to take some BL and muscle. I will post some pics when I get the smoke roll'n

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looking  nice .can you share how much is cost for build it??

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I haven't totaled it up yet, but will be close to $800.00 after I had three grates built---about 200.00 over budget, but it sure is nice to put 30 3# SS sticks in at one time

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is that normally what it costs to build?

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I suppose it would be less if you can buy the lumber from one of the big name outlets, but have to buy it here from local lumber yard and they are quite a bit higher. It takes a lot of lumber when you use 3/4" plywood inside and out, ceramic tile in the burn chamber and insulation not to mention the racks, burner, AMNPS, gas fittings and needle valve. When you get it full of meat candy it's worth it IMO

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Looking Good!
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