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More exhaust? - Updated

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-Can there be too much exhaust vent? Since I have incorporated a AMNPS on the side of the burner, I was wondering if it would help or hurt the cause by installing a damper on the roof maybe on the side opposite where the AMNPS resides to help draw the smoke over. I can always close the damper if really not needed.

I made the below damper out of a piece of textured aluminum I got from home depot.

Here's showing the heavy concentration of smoke on the right side. Yes the drip pan seems to be doing a pretty good job of distributing the smoke throughout the smoker. I could install a tilted ceiling above the AMNPS, tilting upward towards the center of the smoker, with the drip pan above it.

Yes, I like to putz with my Chiefs.

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Try filling in the gaps at the drip tray above the AMNPS .... move the smoke to the middle of the drip tray.... see what happens.... The current exhaust openings look pretty good....
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My smoker is similar. I ended up putting in 2 smaller drip pans. One is a little higher than the other. It forces the smoke flow to the middle and disperses it pretty well.

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Couple good ideas.  Thanks.  Think I'll get some heavy tin foil and do a couple prototypes mods.   Can't think of a "funner" way to spend on a rainy day.

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I would remove that drip pan and replace it with a rack. Then put a disposable alum drip pan on the rack with more clearance around the edges,say about 1/2 to 1 inch.You should get plenty of smoke to flow around that pan to the product being smoked and you could use a pan with higher walls to catch more drippings if doing a chicken or turkey etc.

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That is also a good idea which I can experiment with.  Thanks

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I had my Little Chief set up that way. Also if I wanted a higher temp then capable from the heat coil I would put a few charcoal briquettes in another pan on the other side as needed.

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I added a deflector above the AMNPS, angled upwards towards the center of the smoker with fantastic results. Yes, I could maybe drill just a couple holes or tweak the lip of the deflector to make sure smoke was getting to the right side as well but looking at the vents on top, tons of smoke was coming out on all side. So I might just let it sit for now.

Here are the temps of the left and right side of Mr. BigChief:

Tapayakin' from my iphone
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How are you going to fix that temperature discrepancy ????? HAHAHAHAHAHA
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Better start running some real food tests! Should we all pm our addresses so you can get opinions on your work?

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LOL - My Big Chiefs are dedicated for our king Salmon harvest season.  This weekend I'm planning to do my first pork butt in my AMNPS modified gasser smoker, but maybe I can do some Salmon filet smoking in one of the Chiefs.  Instead of collecting all your addresses, how about we all just simply meet at the Vista point north of the Golden Gate bridge on Sunday at noon.  I'll bring the fish and pork.

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