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running a bit hot

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hi all , looking for some suggestions on how to run cooler in my coldsmoker

doing my first  test run today and its -9 out

currently running between 48 and 50 degrees would like to run 38-42

both top vents open

and bottom vent by smoker is open on 1


using a amazing smoker with both ends lit


here is my smoker


thanks for any suggestions



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just curious as to why you need to run it colder... nothing wrong with temps you have now.... what is it your gonna cold smoke ?
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Mainly for cheese
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Anything below 70 is okay for cheese. Only lighting one end may help cool it down.
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Ohh thought you had to be under 50. Thanks
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nope.. go ahead and put your cheese in... no sense in wasting good smoke....
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Much appreciated will post some pics from this smoke
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For future reference, a water pan filled with ice is what I use.
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