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looks like the weather will be real nice for the weekend.... My buddy crow will be attending so count on another mouth to feed.... more than likely he will be sleeping in his yukon with the warm weather.


Looking forward to seeing everyone...........Thumbs Up

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Hey guys! Just checking in!  I'll have the smoker at Scott's place this weekend for the festivities!  Just put a new tire on it so were ready to travel!



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Can't wait. Got the grass cut yesterday and sprayed the worms in the trees. Looks like a good weekend. Anyone got tents they can bring? Joel brought one last year. Can't remember who brought the second one.


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Harris-Teeter has $1.29 pork butts. Going to get a couple.

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Anyone got a cornhole game they can bring?


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Got some great stuff to give away too. You don't want to miss it.

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Originally Posted by OBX Fisherman View Post

Hey guys! Just checking in!  I'll have the smoker at Scott's place this weekend for the festivities!  Just put a new tire on it so were ready to travel!





Thanks Gary.....................Thumbs Up


Originally Posted by alelover View Post

Harris-Teeter has $1.29 pork butts. Going to get a couple.


I'm going to pick up a few myself.... I usually punch in my friends phone numbers and use their vic card  and cash in.   lol... Limit 2  My Ar$$

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Hope y'all have a great weekend  thumb1.gif

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Thanks Jerry. Looking forward to it.

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Everyone here is getting ready. got the pecan loaded. going to make the potato salad tonight. Pack the cooler in the morning. Plan on leaving around 7:30 am. count on 4 of us...... should get there around 10am


see ya then

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Too busy to post pics but it is pretty awesome here. Great people. Great food and the stars out tonight are unbelievable. Like being at the planetarium.

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I remember reading about this last year and wanted to make plans to attend this year.  Well, I'm sitting here at the  fire station on duty till 7am Sunday morning.  Dang, missed it again!


I'm going to try to attend next year.  Would love to meet everyone.  I'm in Sanford.  Lived in Concord for about 2 years when I was growing up. 


You guys have fun and post some Q view!



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Hope everybody is safe.. seen on news about bad weather in NC....
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Thanks again Scott and CricketIt It was great to see everyone again. I had another great time and thanks to Gary for supplying the smoker.
Thanks to the sponsors Lisa B and Todd for supplying us with some great gifts.

The weather was great and the food was awesome. We had a 30 min shower on friday. The rest of the weekend was spot on. We had a crowd of around 30. I think we started a tradition of burning a christmas tree. Every year Scott saves his christmas tree and we throw it in the fire and watch the yard light up and the flames shoot 30 feet in the air......... Pretty neat

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The NC Gathering was a great success. So much food, fun and great people. Perfect weather all weekend made it the place to be. Special thanks to Todd from A-Maze-N Products and Lisa B from Vacuum Sealers Unlimited for their generous donations. Big thanks to Butt Bros BBQ for the use of the smoker all weekend. The give-aways made people really happy and will get some of them started on a new hobby. Check these folks out. They are awesome at customer service and have the highest quality products at great prices.


Here are some pics.


Starting the Italian Sausage.




Ready to go in the sauce.



Joe(Boykjo) was the first to arrive with his crew.



Then Gary (OBX Fisherman) showed up with the smoker.






Marinating 2 pounds of skirt steak for the Fajitas.




Peppers for the Fajitas.



Some ABTs to go with Friday lunch.



Almost forgot a picture of the fajitas. Well what's left anyway.



Had Skirt Steak marinated in pineapple juice, soy and Dr. Pepper and a bunch of spices. Did the chicken in a Tequila-Lime marinade.




After the 1/2 hour rain storm the chips got a little moist. Thought we would dry them in the smoker with some Quesadilla cheese.




Then covered them in Gary's beans. Awesome snack.




Pork loin is ready for Friday dinner.



Saturday breakfast.



Breakfast sausage and leftover pork loin.



Eggs cooked in the hot box.




Prepping for Saturday dinner. Wings, Ribs, Brisket.




Did a bunch of wings. Smoked them then hit them on the hot grill. Man they were good.









Briskets hit the smoker Saturday morning.












Prepping the pork and beef for the smoked sausage Joe and I are making.






Joe is big in the pig.






Joe's hot dogs and wings, Tony's pork tenderloin and my big old butt.






A visitor looking for food I think.



Letting the sausage dry before hitting the smoker.







A perfectly sliced brisket thanks to Matt.




Ribs got killed pretty quick.



Ribs, PP, smoked Mac n Cheese, brisket, beans, potato salad





Smoked Mac n Cheese with Smoked Gouda, Smoked Havarti, Smoked sharp cheddar and smoke provolone.




A little fire for the evening.



Until we have the ritual burning of the Christmas tree.




Then it was a big fire.



Smoked sausage blooming at 11 PM.




Anyone know what is so amazing about this pic?



Sunday Breakfast

Bacon, Eggs, Smoked Sausage we made Saturday night and pastries warmed in the smokers hot box.







The smoker on its way home.




See ya next year old friend.


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WOWWWWW... what a great time it looks like everybody had... the food looks almost edible... biggrin.gif
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Shorts and shirt sleeves? hell, still wearing winter coats in Canada. That settles it I'm in for next year, please give me as much advance notice as ya can so I can book the time.

Food looked amazing, really wanting to learn sausage making from some of you.

Good job guys


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It was a perfect weather weekend down south here.

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That sausage that looks like kielbasa sure looks good!  Any info on a how-to on it?



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Nope... You have to be present to

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