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Prime Rib French Dippers

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This Prime rib has gone a long way, we have been eating PR for dinner and snacks throughout the week.


A few days ago, I  shaved some PR, fried up some onions, tossed in some shaved meat and made an awesome cheese steak with fried onions and topped with pickles (no other condiments needed).


I still have some leftover, Whatever shall I do


Well... let me tell you, after reading Bears Post, "Prime Rib Spinner Style" I was inspired to make some Prime Rib French Dippers for dinner last night.

So I sliced the rest of the PR on the slicer and made some of the best Prime Rib French Dippers I have ever had... honestly... why would I lie?.


Man were these good, the meat was so dam tender.

The dippers are my favorite way of enjoying the prime rib.


The price of the meat pales in comparison to the value you get, factoring in how many meals this hunk of meat has provided.


  • I love my slicer, thanks Dave!






  • I cant stand fat, but I dare not trim the fat on thinly sliced Prime Rib.


  • Finely chopped onions, beef broth, Beef Bouillon, Montreal steak seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, Vermouth and a splash of Worcestershire. Onions were cooked down with butter, all other ingredients were added, reduced by 10 percent, strained gravy.



  • Prepping the Sandwiches. Meat was sliced and set out for an hour, the meat was dipped in the hot gravy, allowed to drip, then placed on a roll and served Au Jus.




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Looks phenomenal...  That last picture looks like it is melt in your mouth tender.

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Looks delicious SQWIB...its great to get so many tasty meals out of one roast!



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