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Super game food.

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Got my food all prepped for tomorrow.

Beef ribs. 2 racks rubbed with the basics.

Buffalo chicken fattie

ABT's filled with cheddar and cream cheeses, crumbled bacon, and because I like heat I chop the membrane and seeds and mix in also.

Finished pics will be posted tomorrow. I'm getting hungry thinking about it.
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Looks good , man. Enjoy the game.
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got off to a bad start.  Had to go get a tank filled for the gasser, both of mine were empty, thought the back-up was full.  Wind destroyed my cover about a month ago and the smoker hasn't been covered.  got home from getting the tank filled and fired it up.  Went out to put the Mav in it and it was smoking like crazy. Pulled the chip pan and it was filled with water, pulled the sand pan and that was full of water as well.  Got the chip pan cleaned and dried and put back in, Cleaned the sand pan and filled with new sand.  Cranked the heat to 375* and got the inside all dried out.  got the ribs in an hour later than planned.  I am going to make up some time by cooking at 250* and do a 2.5 - 2.5 - .5.  That's the plan anyway, but you know how it goes, they are ready when they are ready.

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Finished picsFinished pics.

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