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Newbie question!

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I picked up the masterbuilt 30 from Black Friday at cabelas... (Didn't really get to play with it until New Years at my birthday) but we ve done some chicken and boneless ribs which turned out pretty good and learned a lot from the first round. The main question I have is the meat probe... Forgive my ignorance but I couldn't find it in the manual or online how it's supposed to be used. Do you cook with it inserted in the meat and that's how you follow it? Or are you supposed to check on it and just put it in then? I was guessing there was a different sensor to follow and control the heat of the oven? Just put in my first brisket and couldn't figure it out.

Thanks, looking forward to learning more from this forum!
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Hey Adam, I don't have that particular smoker but on the smokers I have ya probe the meat as it cooks then ya can pull it at the appropriate I.T. Hope this helps, any other questions just drop me a line and I'll try to help ya out. WHB
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have a look here

there is alot of info on this site and the "search function" is very good and useful



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Thanks for the help! I had looked quickly through the search but only found most people recommending to buy a new thermometer, which I probably will. Turned out great though, esp for the first time! We did boneless ribs for the Super Bowl which were great. Starting to catch on!
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