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Change of plans and just doing a concrete roof.

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Nice "poured in place'' beam.... Looks really good ....
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Ok, got rebar from filled cores bent over for 4/12 pitch roof. Added needed forms and poured roof today!!!!!

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A smoke house that doubles as tornado shelter?



"Honey git de kids, deres a storm commin"

"But Pa we ain't got no root cellar"

"Go to the smoke house, de grub is better anyway"

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I like this a lot.I dont fully understand it yet but that will come:biggrin:

Its probably tornado & earthquake proof with that amount of concrete,rebar & block.

It definitely fits into the new brick smoker forum. You have some great skills.

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Foamheart your hilarious. Moikel, I'm just building a smokehouse using no wood so no chance of fire and should last a really really long time.
Ok pulled off forms and pipe fitted up furnace control valve with my additional safety valve.

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EPB, morning... Now that is the correct way to build a Gas Fired Smoker... Safety First......

For our members sake, could you post a materials list with part numbers and maybe even cost, so they can see what it costs to go FIRST CLASS...

So you'll have a flame sensor, thermostat and what else in that beauty....

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Will try to post materials list when done:) disclaimer : wiring is dangerous do not mess with it if your not knowledgeable. Alright, base wiring schematic, an auber instrument pid 2362 as a thermal overheat cut off, primary smoking and temperature control with the auber smd-100 and a power loss relay along with a relay to turn standing pilot off when complete cycle and turn on a light in the house when done. Hope it makes a little sense. Informational purposes only, not responsible for your stupidity, no warranties expressed or implied.
Control board layout template
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Started cutting out panel pieces. Not too bad with a torch but warped the panel from heat. Oh well. card board template
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Holes cut, painted, pid's, lights, switches installed. Time to get to some wiring.
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Got some helpers with the wiring

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LOL... does that control panel come with a service and operation manual?  <Chuckles>


You'll have to start giving classes.

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Lol, I wish it did. So does this look right so far?

Getting closer. Need more terminal blocks and wire. The wifey is happy she likes spaghetti. Lol
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Wifey got me fancy labels printed up by the local trophy shop bridgefarmers. They came out really nice.

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Got standing pilot gas safety valve mounted. Gas burner roughed in. Control board mounted in box and wired up.
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That is so nice.....   Poured in place roof..... safety controls.....    Don't get any better than that...  


Now for the smoke.....     ..:popcorn

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ElginPlowboy, That is a beautiful smoke house, Pretty much what I want to do, Cold and Hot smokes and do a 100 or 2 lbs of sausage.  Would I be able to PM you with a few questions?  You have answered a few with the great progress pictures of your build. I have been thinking of trying wood fire, but unsure if that will give me the heat I will need when I need it, So I was thinking of going gas or electric in addition or as main. We have some cold winters up here where we live. That is a Top notch smoke house. Charlie

 And points1.png for sure!!!!

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Pm me anytime. Too big for electric. Gas for sure unless u go smaller. I use wood on outside to pipe smoke in and pid controlled gas burner to control temps. Wood only outside for heat would be hard to get up and control temps. Adding a fan for some better circulation during cook cycle to keep temps a little more even.
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Thx, I will be in contact with you for sure. This is the tree I have been barking up for awhile now. Again Thx.

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