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30/30? The whole experience looks great!

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Thats one of the things on my to do list, hog hunting.

You guys are lucky(in a way) to be so close to it!

 I would love to experiment with some little pigs.

Nice shots by the way, didnt get into any of the meat.

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That's my hog rifle - Marlin 45-70 with Hornady ballistic tips. Those are 350gr bullets. I've goot the cabalas Hornady scope, which is specifically made for that gun amd those exact rounds. I must say that I'm really happy with that setup and was a little skeptical about the scope, but as you can see it's really accurate.
Gotta go with head shots when they are that small cause you'll ruin all the meat otherwise. 2 shots and 2 kills. Those lil guys are fast too!
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Nice! That is my favorite round. Love the 45-70 it takes elk all day long.

Never thought about it for hogs.

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Yummmmy.....Elk, the other Red Meat.
Was gonna get rhe 30-30, but wanted to be sure I sidn't have an injured boar charging me caise he didn't go down with the first shot!i also figured it could double as a good rifle for larger game, if I ever meeded it. Where I hunt, theres a lot of brush so this is a great gun to use
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