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Time to fire it up...

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Well, I can't take it anymore. Winter has me down, and it's been a cold one this season in PA, more so than usual. I know, it's not upper midwest cold, lived there 5 years and feel for you guys...but it's been cold for here. So, today its a balmy 18 degrees with a little breeze and I'm coming out of my shell and smoking some ribs. Prepped them last night with a dry rub and they are ready to go in. Smoker coming to temp as I type... image.jpg 1866k .jpg file
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Looks Like A Great Start. Can't Wait To See The Results
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2 hours in the smoke at 225, 2 hours under foil at 235, and then brushed with a honey espresso BBQ sauce before the last hour being smoked at 225. They were a hit, got rave reviews. Was good to be back in the smoking game again...

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Looks tasty drool.gif. Nice job... WHB
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