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1st year smoking and have so much to learn

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Hi All,  Dan in The Colony Texas,


Ive been smoking now for about a year here in North Texas and have been having great success.  From what Ive been reading and learning I think I will still be learning and experimenting for many years to come!  That's the great part.  Now I'm ready for my next smoker and really need some advice.   Is there a 12 step program for being addicted to smoked meet?  lol  


I cant believe I'm ready for my next smoker after just breaking in my current one and I'm really overwhelmed with all the choices out there.  My Master Built has been a great smoker and has a lot of life left in it but I'm really needing more cooking space as I'm cooking larger and larger pieces of meat.  Last Thanks Giving I did 4 smoked turkeys and had to do them one at a time!  Dang, all I have to do is put some wood in and the neighbors and my ham radio buddies start coming around like vultures.  Oh and that's before I even fire it up! lol 


The electric smoker has been a great help being I have very little space and the conventional type just takes up way too much room. Ive been looking at the propane type since some of them are a bit larger.  Then there is the window verses the fancy controls etc etc... oh yea if its full of smoke how on earth could you see in anyway? HA!    Gawd what a mess this is going to be making up my mind. lol 


Any advice would be appreciated. 

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How big ya thinkin, ya know sq. in. wise ?? And sounds as if your open to about anything, so that's leaves ya with many choices needless to say. WHB
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We'll all help ya out the best we can but ya may first wanna head over to roll call so we can all give ya a good ole SMF initiation. Just kiddin, just gives all other members a chance to welcome ya and you to introduce yourself. WHB
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Ever consider a pellet eater? Lots of room, accurate temp control, smoking with wood, smoke ring,....sounds like it may fit into your evolution.
BTW. Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your stay.
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texas.gifHello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   



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