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Chicken Bombs

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Always trying something new.  My daughter sent me a recipe for chicken bombs. I took a look at it and it seemed good but the ingredients seemed not enough [as usual for me and i make too much, o well].  So here is what i did:


Bought some boneless skinless chicken breasts that were on sale for 1.88 lb. Cut them in half length wise, pounded them thinner with my trusty cleaver [pound them gently, the first wack on one split it in different directions], seasoned each half [with your favorite rub] put a jalapeno pepper on the slice of breast [seeded and take the veins out] [blanch the peppers for a couple of minutes as well], and rolled it up.  Then wrapped two slices of bacon around it.  Most of the time the bacon holds the chicken breast intact but if you overfill like i do wooden skewers are needed.  Then i put the breasts on a jerkey rack on top of a drip pan with some apple juice in it for some moisture while in the oven [will do these in my smoker when sanity returns in terms of weather here in Mn.].  Turned the oven on to 350 and basted with my sauce during the cooking process except toward the end when i wanted to crisp up the bacon more.


The filling was simply cream cheese [8 oz. softened] and 8 oz of cheddar cheese [shredded].  put that in the micro for a little bit to soften until i could mix it up in a gooooeeee texture.  Filled the halves of the peppers with it.. Reinhard

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Looks great! I am going to have to give this a try this summer.

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Made some more chicken bombs.  This time i filled them with cooked venison italian sausage, cilantro, red bell pepper, green onions, and shredded cheese. [put everthing is a food processor and choped it up a bit to make it smaller [except the cheese] ]. i added the cheese and mixed everything up. prepared it the same as the one's in  the original post.  My plate had rice and cucumber kimchi on it along with the bombs. I used my sauce on them again and served extra on the side for dipping. Reinhard

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Wow, lookin good and makin me wanna go fire up the smoker.... grilling_smilie.gif WHB
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Stop, you're killing me. They look fantastic. I might try that tonight for dinner or lunch or now. :drool:

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Wow,awesome. that is now on my to cook list. Thanks

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Those look great!  Are you wrapping 2 pieces of bacon around the chicken or just one?  What was the sauce you used?

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Yes i used 2 slices per roll. The sauce i used is my own.  It's real simple:


1 cup ketchup

1 cup western salad dressing

enough apple juice t thin it if needed.


put everything in a sauce pan, and on low heat stir once in awhile until hot and use. I use this on chicken and pork also.  Reinhard

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Wow, another added to the to do list. The priority list is ever changing. A+

Time to cut some more hickory and let it cure.

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