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Venison Summer Sausage

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Since I have virtually no experience with sausage making and cures, I used the Hi Mountain Summer Sausage kit for this first attempt at sausage making.  With the help of previous posters on this forum, this sausage came out fantastic! I used a 50/50 mix of venison and pork butt for this project. Much like a lot of the foods that are prepared by members of this site, you would really have to pay up if you bought this stuff in a deli!!  Thanks to all SMF members for your guidance!!!!!


Grinding with my Xmas present grinder:



Stuffed and ready for smoking after a 24 hour rest:



Smoked for about 3 hours with increasing smoker temps (from 120 to 180) to an internal of 156:



Sliced and ready for the vacuum sealer:




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Man that looks great - Very nice job you are now addicted I am sure   




I take smoker to only 170 with IT152 but do what works for you




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Man they look great .

well done . 

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You are in trouble now.....sausage is a very addicting hobby. Those chubs look great.



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very nice SS..... Great job...............Thumbs Up

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Having only smoked for 3 hours did you get a decent smoke flavor? I usually smoked mine for 5-6 hours at least.

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Yes, the smoke flavor was very good.  I used a larger amount of cherry chips than I normally would, knowing that the smoke was going to be a shorter one.

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I have to say those are some great looking chubs, I have made a little myself but those look about as good as they get!

Real beauties....

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