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Hello everyone

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Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I am a smoker newbie living in South Carolina and am Look forward to having fun. Just bought myself a starter smoker- master forge vertical smoker. You know the one at Lowes that cost around $60. I look forward to any advice and tips for using it.
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Welcome from Pa. This is the place to be.
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texas.gifHello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   



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welcome1.gif To the group . Good to meet you. That is a good smoker to learn on. I had a brinkmann gourmet bullet smoker for a number of years and although it frustrated me at times , it also opened my eyes to the possibilities of BBQ. If I may be so bold as to give advice , I will say this about these basic bullet smokers. They are awesome chicken cooking machines . In fact on anything that is good cooked hot n fast , you can do a great job. So brats , burgers , hot dogs....even steak come out good (usually with one load of charcoal) you can do ribs pretty well too if you're not too hung up on going slow.
When you decide to cook a big honkin pork butt or a brisket you might have some temp and time issues. Ok , here's the advice part....when you cook those things start them in the smoker and finish them in the oven. Get all the cooking and smoke you can get from a load of charcoal (usually 3-6 hours YMMV) and then put them in your 250 degree oven in the house and take them the rest of the way. This works really well when you're having company and you want to eat at a set time. Just a suggestion that may save you some heartache. Feel free to experiment when you have lots of time. Good luck. And have fun.
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Welcome to the forums! We are happy that you joined the group. You'll find plenty of information here with over 1 million posts! Make the search bar at the top of the page your new friend. Or, simply post your question in the area that applies. You'll get plenty of helpful advice. Also consider enrolling in Jeff's 5 day E course. It gives you lots of great information to start you off on the right foot! Best of all is that it's free! Again, WELCOME Brian

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Thanks everyone for the nice welcome. Unbelievable how much info on here.
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