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Buckboard Bacon Question/Problem

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I'm working on my first BBB.  I got it all put together using Bearcarver's recipe


I lost track of time and didn't get it smoked after the initial 10 days of cure.  It has now been more like 35 days.  I know it needs done, but my issue is the middle still is a little red.  Will this be ok or do I have to scrap it?



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K, afternoon.... I'm concerned that you forgot the bacon for 25 days.... Curing meats is a process that needs one to pay attention to details... I'm saying you need to toss it... No point in getting ill or worse...

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so if this batch is no good, then what went wrong?  Why did the cure not go all the way to the center?

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From what I can see in the photo, it looks like it is cured all the way through. The red color in the middle is a good thing, if it isn't cured it looks like raw pork. Maybe someone else can chime in on "max" safe curing times.
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