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NFPM Question

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If using NFPM in the recipe what is the preferred method of application.


1.  Mix with water/or and other spices to dissolve and then add to meat and mix, or


2.  Mix spices with water.or and add to meat.  Then sprinkle the dry NFPM on the meat and mix.

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Personal preference in my opinion.  I like to mix my spices [and cure if needed] in cold water [amount needed per batch] and sprinkle the powdered milk seperatly.  Reinhard

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If the powder is coarse add it with the liquid. If its fine like corn starch add it to the meat. You don't want it to clump.......

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I've started using the Carnation brand and it is real fine, nice.  I have also been sprinkling it on the meat out of the bag and then doing the mix. 


I was using another brand and it was pretty coarse so I mixed it with the liquid first but didn't seem to get the same result, so I switched.


Thanks for the replies.

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Mix separately
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