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Camp Chef Temp Control

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I have a Camp Chef Vault 24 and have a hard time controlling the temp. Small movements of the temp control knob cause huge jumps or decreases in temperatures. Seems I spend all my time trying to get the right temperature. Any ideas or fixes?
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The temp control on the SMV is very sensitive.  I just turn it so I can barely feel the resistance in the valve.  Another thing I find is that when the water pan dries up, the temps are almost impossible to control.  Hope this helps.

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I let the water pan run dry once and the temp went way up so I make sure to have the pan with enough water in it. I have tried to make very small adjustments with the knob, but doesn't seem to work for me. Maybe to ham fisted!
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I saw on their web site where they say to put a big head nail in some of the burner holes. I have one of these on order so have not actually tried their sugesstion.

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Add a needle valve to your setup, then you can have an almost infinite heat adjustment.  One of these needle valves should work for your particular setup.

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Good idea. I've seen that before. I already have that setup for my seafood boiler. Should not have an issue with temp control then.

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I received my Smoke Vault last week.  I too had temp issues. Control knob set on low and temps crept up to 175-200. So I cut off the stock regulator and replaced with an adjustable regulator. I tested it today for a few minutes and it seems to work. Will not know for sure until this weekend. Wind is kicking and temps dropping and don't feel like messing with it at this time.

I'll post a couple of photos in a bit.

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