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So I saw these things called riblets in a local grocery store and had to buy them.  They were about $1.50 a lb for a 3 lb package.  I got home and did my research on this forum.  After cutting them into 10" sections and removing the silver strip, I applied mustard and coated with Jeff's rub from his cookbook.  Into smoker at 225 with 4 oz of apple chunks.  I kept on eye on smoker temp with Maverick but obviously couldn't check the meat (I have subsequently obtained a thermapen, so next time I will).  At 2 hours I pulled them out and put them in a pan wrapped in foil.  I added a bit of apple cider to the bottom of the pan.  2 hours later, pulled them out and added some bbq sauce.  Wow.  These are amazing and were intended as a appetizer but everyone ate every single piece, wanting more.  So easy too.

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Nice job db, looks mighty tasty ! drool.gif Looks like ya nailed it and no leftovers is proof of that. WHB
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I was going to try trimming up a spare rib this summer and then make the riblets. Glad to see it can be done.

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From what I understand, the riblets are trimmed from ribs, not sure if bback or spare, to make them look good.  Sounds like a lot of work at home unless you have a meat cutting band saw.  I can only find them at a small local grocer, not a chain.  They said around here people put them in with collards.  I like my way better:smile:

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 They would be good cooked with some greens, but I like your way better too!



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