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Maxing out UDS

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I had a purchase yesterday at RD. 18 pound packer,2-9 pound butts,and 3 racks of baby backs. Looking forward to a full UDS smoke this weekend. I am thinking putting the brisket and butts on the bottom rack and ribs on the top rack. Plan on smoking at 250. 2-2-1 on ribs and foiling brisket and butts at 160, then pulling when probe tender, wrap in towels in cooler for a few hours. Any other advise?

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That's a lot of meat. 


You have a diffuser in it?

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I just made one. 16 inch pizza pan with holes drilled in it. I put 3 metal extension pieces attached to my charcoal basket so the diffuser will be 6 inches above the basket. never used a diffuser before. 

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You will like it, I use one all the time now.

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