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Making jerky for my neighbor

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So with all the craziness of the big storm we had last week here in Ohio, we had a lot of snow dumped in our driveway. My neighbor has a small Kubota with a front end loader and a scraper blade on the back that he uses to clear away snow. Thank goodness he is nice enough to clear my driveway out to. So as a thank you. I am making him a batch of jerky, and giving him some bacon that I recently smoked. Today I brought home some beef sliced and season ready for jerky from work. Last week after I smoked three small pieces of bellies for bacon, I decided to cure three small St. Louis style rib racks, just to see what they would taste like cured As bacon. I loaded all the jerky, almost 7 pounds, and the three racks of ribs in my upright smoker. Set the propane burner to run about 130°, then loaded the amazing smoker with some pit master pellets. It took about eight hours and seemed to come out pretty nice. Here comes the pics and enjoy the show.



The three racks of ribs cured with tender quick and brown sugar.



On to the jerky...Just a basic jerky cure With extra garlic And A touch of honey.




Here they are. After three hours When I needed to Rotate the jerky.








And here they are after eight hours...I hope my neighbor will like it.






I still need to slice the bacon. Here's the finished pics of that.



Thanks for watching...


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Looks Great!! I bet your neighbor will love it...

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I think your neighbor got the better deal...

Let us know how the Ribs were, inquiring minds want to know!

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